Kinsler’s error

I’m loving my TV’s DVR; I’m able to pause World Series game 2 right where Ian Kinsler knocks down the base hit but gets charged with an error. You can see the disappointment-cum-shame on his face as he works through the play in his mind. It’s a booger. Been there. Hate it.

Sweet Cobie girl knows there are some Snyder’s pretzel Snaps in a big jar over here on the couch with me, and she’s agitating all over the living room. She can’t smell them coz the lid’s sealed, but she knew I brought SUMTHIN over here during my last break, and she’s fidgitin like a fiend, back and forth and around and back and what vantage point is going to get Chris to acknowledge that I’m here fairly screamin for some dam Snyder’s Snaps or whatever I KNOW THAT’s FOOD that is in that jar on the couch, bud. Come off some snacks, she says with her stutter-walk, her tap dance. Thank goodness it’s a carpeted floor. If she scoots over the threshold into the dining/entry/kitchen, it’s a cacophony of Dekey toes clackin all over the floors in seeming perpetuity. Oh and thank you, Cutie, for finally getting disgusted enough to blow it off and find a seat on your pillow. Now I can snack.

So I’m loving that I can pause the game when Kinsler made the stop, and register for a blog and write about Kinsler’s stop. I really wanted to write about Vladimir Guerrero and what he thinks about the Series, considering he was a big reason why the team made it to the Series last season. Vlady’s a slugger, and I was heartbroke heart-bruk heartbruckened when I saw him in an O’s uniform this season. Has anybody written about the series from the Vlady angle? I wondered as much in the 4th inning, tied 0-0, while my fave Andrus was batting. I saw that stance, that heroism, that bad man with a ball bat and glove, and thought, “We need Vlady.”

So I was able to pause it — hey don’t you like how I stick to the subject? — hyuk yeah. I hate it for Kinsler; he did a good job of keeping the ball from going outfield, with his forearm fully twisted to have the glove open and facing the ball, on the run, nearly out of position toward first base — McCarver had noted the night before that Kinsler was playing wide for certain batters with runners on — so from my view, he did good to block the ball. Replay, though, shows that had he held on to the ball == instead of it flipping up to his hip and to the ground, nearly tangled in his legs, before he could get his throwing hand around and catch it on the one-hop == he might have thrown the runner out. Just as we watched the replay, the error was announced. Kinsler already wore the hangdog face. Not everybody in the stands thought it was an error, apparently. But maybe it was just me. Had he been a foot closer to the 2nd bag, the point wouldn’t matter. They pulled off a great defensive play, Kinsler included, to get out of the inning unscathed.

McCarver: Oh, an error? That’s a tough play, bc he couldnt field the ball on the dirt, he e had to field it on the infield grass. ”

Don’t get me started on Andrus’s killer barehand backhand double play that occurred during the next at bat. Hey I love that Gateway Arch mown into the mowed? mown into the outfield grass. Reminds me of the trips I took to San Louey with my dad and my dear late uncle Wayne. I guess I’ve been in that stadium a couple few times. Cool. Thanks, Dad.

As I finished that sentence, I saw Andrus flip a SECOND, way-more-unbelievable toss, from the glove this time, on a line drive to save the inning. That’s a player. That’s an all star. That’s a play to replay and replay and replay. Thank you, DVR.


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